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Forum Thread: How to Hack for Away Android Using Mobile Sim Internet .Through Kali Linux Using Meterepreter and Msfconsole.

Hi i want to hack android of my phone which is for away from me and using mobile sim internet (by his permission just for test).when i created a payload using msfconsole and meterpreter (LHOST my wan ip and LPORT 444)and tested on my nearest friends who were connected to my same wifi modem they were hacked .when i tried it on my own mobile using sim internet and send to my friend which is faraway from me in both case it dosen`t worked. kindly solve my issue i shall be very thankful to you for...

Forum Thread: Ethical hacking

Hey! Couple Quick Noob questions.i'd Like to Know That in Order to Find Bugs or Vulnerablities in Sites Like Facebook,Google Do I Need to Get Permission First or I Can Just Start Finding Vulnerablities and Report Them When I Found Them? And Do I Need to Stay Anonymous While Finding Vulnerablities Because I Am Going to Report Them if I Need to Hide My Identity?..Thanks

Forum Thread: Punycode Phishing Attacks

A new type of Vulnerability has been discovered by a Chinese infosec security researcher Xudong Zheng that makes it easy for hackers to do phishing.This vulnerability makes it almost impossible to identify phishing. By default, many web browsers use 'Punycode' encoding to represent Unicode characters in the URL to defend against Homograph phishing attacks. Punycode is a special encoding used by the web browser to convert Unicode characters to the limited character set of ASCII (A-Z, 0–9), sup...

Forum Thread: Problem with My Virus

Well first of all I made a virus that is windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp from Veil-Evasion and the exploit is working correctly in my computer but when i try it from my brother's computer it doesn't work at all but when i try it on my computer its fine as wine what should I do ? whats the problem i made my setups correctly the LPORT & LHOST but its not working in his computer I am wondering what is the cause behind this

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