Forum Thread: Ethical hacking

Hey! Couple Quick Noob questions.i'd Like to Know That in Order to Find Bugs or Vulnerablities in Sites Like Facebook,Google Do I Need to Get Permission First or I Can Just Start Finding Vulnerablities and Report Them When I Found Them? And Do I Need to Stay Anonymous While Finding Vulnerablities Because I Am Going to Report Them if I Need to Hide My Identity?..Thanks

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If user A is accessing Facebook using mobile site: Here, he needs to make a post.

The user A will go to the profile of user B. For example, User A will go to

Then user A will post the URL of user C (For example, "") to the B's profile as a post via mobile site.

Here, the magic happens. The post will get automatically disappear, as neither the user A nor B will be able to see the post containing a link of a profile that has been blocked by B. But if B doesn't block C then the post will appear on the user B's Timeline.

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