How To: Set a Banner in Linux Terminal

Set a Banner in Linux Terminal

Hello Everyone Today in this post I will teach you how to get a banner for your terminal.(Video Available at the End of the Post)

To get a banner first we need "figlet" and then we have to configure it. Its Easy ..


  1. Open terminal and type " apt-get install figlet " (without quotation marks)
  2. after you installed figlet type on terminal

texteditor /root/.bashrc " and press enter
eg. leafpad /root/.bashrc

  1. Now when the text editor will open go to the end and there will be written at the last line fi now press enter and go to a new line and type " figlet the text you want as your banner "

for example " figlet Welcome "

Watch the Video for better understanding :)


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Simply make a text file in home directory, go to make a banner and copy it inside the text file you just made. Then nano into .bashrc , after the last line type :

cat FileYouMade.

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